ESMO Summit Africa

CPD accreditation:  20 x CEU point + 1 x Ethics point

Dear Colleagues and members of the trade

We are very excited to bring you ESMO Africa summit 2018! This will be held once again at the Century City Conference centre from 14-16th February 2018.

The event will be co-chaired by Andrés Cervantes, ESMO Educational Committee Chair as well as by local co-chairs, Jeannette Parkes (SASCRO) and Bernardo Rapoport (SASMO).

The Summit will bring 13 international speakers from ESMO, as well as several high profile local speakers.

Topics to be covered in this summit will include:

  • breast cancer
  • palliative care
  • gynaecological cancer
  • development in systemic therapies
  • prostate cancer
  • head and neck cancer
  • GI cancer
  • development in radiotherapy
  • lung cancer.

In addition to the summit sessions, 3 small half day workshops will be held on 14th February. The workshops will focus on GI cancer, breast cancer and NSCLC and will look at current ESMO guidelines and their place as well as challenges to implementation in Africa. Each workshop will comprise approximately 20 delegates (by invitation only). Each workshop will also present a feed-back session in the main meeting.

We hope that local trade will come out strongly in support of this meeting once again. We believe it is an important academic meeting, supported by our international partner, and aimed at continuous improvement of Oncology services in our country and our continent.


Kind regards,

Jeannette and Bernardo