Andrés Cervantes, Spain

Jeannette Parkes / Hannah Simonds, South Africa (local chair)

Bernardo Rapoport, South Africa (local chair)

Scientific Committee

Andrés Cervantes, Spain

Jeannette Parkes / Hannah Simonds

Bernardo Rapoport, South Africa

Alex A.Adjei, United States of America

Rolf A. Stahel, Switzerland

Fatima Cardoso, Portugal

Hannah Simonds, South Africa

Moawia El Hassan, Sudan

Anna Nyakabau, Zimbabwe

Georgia Demetriou, South Africa


Local Organizing Committee

Jeannette Parkes / Hannah Simonds, South Africa

Bernardo Rapoport, South Africa

Alicia Sherriff, South Africa

KeoTabane, South Africa


The programme of this event will be accredited with 16 ESMO-MORA category 1 points. Recertification is necessary for medical oncologists to remain professionally certified by ESMO. Recertification guarantees that a certified medical oncologist has continued to update her/his knowledge and continues to possess the necessary skills and standards for the practice of medical oncology. For further information please refer to

The programme of this event will be accredited with CPD level 1 points by the University of Cape Town – for South African doctors.

Wednesday, 14th February 2018

Registration 12:30-13:20

Welcome & Introduction

13:20-13:30      Welcome address – Hannah Simonds, ZA and Bernardo Rapoport, ZA

13:30-13:40      Introduction by ESMO President  –  Josep Tabernero, ES

13:40-14:00      ESMO & WHO Cooperation in Africa – Josep Tabernero, ES

Session 1        Breast Cancer:

Chairs:             Rika Pienaar, ZA and Georgia Demetriou, ZA

14:00-14:30      Current standards and practice changing studies in Early Breast Cancer in 2017 – Fatima Cardoso, PT

14:30-14:40      Case presentation:  Early Breast Cancer – Carika Fourie – UFS

14:40-14:45      Discussion

14:45-15:15      Current standards and practice changing studies in ER positive advanced/metastatic Breast Cancer  – Fatima Cardoso,  PT

15:15-15:25      Case presentation: ER positive metastatic breast cancer

15:25-15:30      Discussion

15:30-16:00      Coffee Break


Session 2        Workshop report back

16:00-16:15      Report back 0n workshop 1: Developing algorithms in breast cancer – Daniel Vorobiof,  ZA

16:15-16:25      Discussion

16:25-16:40      Report back on workshop 2: Implementing algorithms in colorectal cancer – Barbra Robertson

16:40-16:50      Discussion

16:50-17:05      Report back on workshop 3: Auditing and metrics in the clinic : Focus on NSCLC – Raymond Abratt

17:05-17:15      Discussion

17:15                 Adjourn for Welcoming Cocktail


Thursday, 15th February 2018

Session 3         Gynaecological Cancer

Chairs:             Keo Tabane, ZA and Hennie Botha, ZA

08:00-08:25      Latest evidence and current standard of care in advanced/metastatic endometrial cancer and uterine sarcoma – Cristiana Sessa, CH

08:25-08:35      Case presentation: Metastatic Endometrial cancer – Joel Okumu, ZI

08:35-08:40      Discussion

08:40-08:50      Case presentation: Uterine sarcoma -Thobile Goba-Mjwara, (UStell)

08:50-08:55      Discussion

08:55-09:15      The role of surgery in advanced endometrial cancer – Nomonde Mbatani, ZA

09:15-09:40      Latest evidence and current standard of care in advanced ovarian cancer  – Cristiana Sessa, CH

09:40-09:50      Case presentation: Neo-adjuvant chemotherapy in primary ovarian cancer – Andre Vos, (UCT)

09:50-09:55      Discussion

09:55-10:15      The role of “ultra-radical surgery” in advanced ovarian cancer: Is it feasible in a resource-limited setting? – Hennie Botha, ZA

10:15-10:30      Panel discussion and wrap-up

10:30-11:00      Coffee Break


Session 4         Development in Systemic Therapies 

Chair:                Ian Chikanza and Devan Moodley

11:00-11:30        State of the art in development of immunotherapy  –  Alex. A. Adjei, US

11.30-11.40        Discussion

11:40-12:10        Management of immune-related adverse events  – Bernardo Rapoport,  ZA

12:10-12:20        Panel discussion

12:20-13:15        Lunch


Session 5          Prostate Cancer

Chairs:              Chris Samkange, ZW and Henriette Burger, ZA

13:15-13:45        Standards of Care and development of new targets in Prostate Cancer  – Ronald de Wit, NL

13:45-14:05        Choosing first-line therapy in the localized prostate cancer patient – Shingai Mutambirwa,  ZA

14:05-14:30        Practice changing studies in Prostate Cancer in 2017 with a view to cost-effectiveness – Ronald de Wit, NL

14:30-14:40        Panel Discussion


Session 6          Palliative Care

Chairs:               Liz Gwyther, ZA and James Msrikale, ZA

14:40-15:00        State of the art in pain management  –  Stein Kaasa,  NO

15:00-15:20        Introduction of a palliative care program into Oncology training in SA  – Rene Krause, ZA and David Anderson, ZA

15:20-15:30        Panel discussion

15:30-16:00        Coffee Break


Session 7          Head & Neck Cancer

Chairs:               Sameera Dalvie, ZA and Moawia Elhassan, SD

16:00-16:20        Current Standard of Care of nasopharyngeal cancer  –  Jean-Pascal Machiels, BE

16:20-16:30        Case presentation: nasopharyngeal cancer  – Irene Chidothe (UCT)

16:30-16:35        Discussion

16:35-16:55        Surgery in oro-pharyngeal cancer:  When is it appropriate?  –  Johan Fagan, ZA

16:55-17:15        Practice changing studies in H&N cancer in 2017 –  Jean-Pascal Machiels, BE

17:15-17:30        Panel Discussion



Friday, 16th February 2018

Session 8            GI Cancers

Chairs:               Paul Ruff, ZA and Jill Harris, ZA

08:00-08:20       Practice changing studies in GI Cancers in 2017 – Josep Tabernero, ES

08:20-08:50        Current Standard of Care of Hepatocellular Carcinoma – Jean-Luc Raoul, FR

08:50-09:20        Current Standard of Care of Gastric Cancer – Andrés Cervantes, ES

09:20-09:35        Localised Gastric case and discussion – Zaaid Nujoo, ZA

09:35-10:05        Current Standard of Care of Colorectal Cancer  – Fortunato Ciardiello, IT

10:05-10:15        Advanced rectal cancer case and discussion – Cleo Solomon

10:15-10:20        Discussion

10:20-10:50        Coffee Break


Session 9           Development in Radiotherapy

Chairs:               Alicia Sherriff, ZA and Anna Nyakabau, ZW

10:50-11:00         Update on radiation training capacity and current training activities for supernumerary registrars in South Africa – Alicia Sherriff, ZA

11:00-11:10         Taking newly developed RT skills home:  the experience of a supernumerary trainee from Zambia – Dorothy Lombe, ZM

11:10-11:20         Infrastructure requirements and current status of cervical brachytherapy in Africa – Hannah Simonds, ZA

11:20-11:30         Instituting 3-D cervical brachytherapy in a resource-limited setting – William Shaw, ZA

11:30-12:00         Current Advances in Radiation Therapy – Suresh Senan, NL

12:00-12:15         Discussion

12:15-13:15         Lunch


Session 10         Lung Cancer

Chair:                 Bernardo Rapoport, ZA and Moawia Elhassan, SD

13:15-13:45        Practice changing studies in Lung Cancer in 2017 – Rolf A. Stahel, CH

13:45-13:55        Case presentation: neoadjuvant chemotherapy in NSCLC – Solomon Kibbude, UStell

13:55-14:00        Discussion

14:00-14:30        Current Standard of Care of NSCLC – Rolf A. Stahel, CH

14:30-14:40        Case presentation- metastatic NSCLC – Melinda Mushonga, ZIM

14:40-14:45        Discussion

14:45-14:55        Panel Discussion

14:55-15:00        Closing