ESMO Summit Africa

Dear Colleagues and Members of the Trade,

We welcome you to the ESMO Africa Summit 2020. This will be held at the Century City Conference centre from 14-16 February 2020.

The 2020 summit will be co-chaired by  Andres Cervantes representing the European Oncology community and  Georgia Demetriou and Hannah Simonds, as the local representatives.

The summit will commence with three workshops. The focus will be on ovarian cancer, palliative care with a specific focus on pain control and the management of lymphoma. The workshops will review current ESMO guidelines and discuss the solutions to instituting these in Africa where there is varying access to healthcare.

The three day main meeting will consist of high quality presentations from leading experts from Europe and Africa covering the latest guidelines and management issues in breast, lung, gastrointestinal, myeloma, gynaecological and prostate malignancies. Case presentations by young oncologists and colleagues from Africa will provide opportunities for debate and discussion.

We welcome trade and industry’s ongoing support for this important academic event.

We look forward to seeing many colleagues from Africa and Europe gathering for this exciting summit, we welcome you all to Cape Town.

Kind regards
Georgia and Hannah