The programme of this event has been accredited with 20 ESMO-MORA category 1 points. Recertification is necessary for medical oncologists to remain professionally certified by ESMO. Recertification guarantees that a certified medical oncologist has continued to update her/his knowledge and continues to possess the necessary skills and standards for the practice of medical oncology. For further information please refer to

South African Doctors: The Conference programme, 15-17 February 2019 has been accredited with 18 CEU points and 1 ethics points.

Palliative Care workshop on 15 February is accredited with 3 Ethics points.

Friday, 15th February 2019
07:30-08:00 pre-SUMMIT Workshops Registration
Pre-SUMMIT WORKSHOPS (by reservation only)
08:00-11:00 Workshop 1: Implementation of ESMO guidelines in Early Breast Cancer – challenges in Africa – Sponsored by AstraZeneca Fatima Cardoso, PT
Georgia Demetriou, ZA Daniel Vorobiof, ZA/IL
08:00-11:00 Workshop 2: Implementation of ESMO guidelines in Palliative Care – challenges in Africa Stein Kaasa, NO
Anna Nyakabau, ZW
Liz Gwyther, ZA
08:00-11:00 Workshop 3: Implementation of ESMO guidelines in Advanced Prostate Cancer – challenges in Africa – Sponsored by Astellas Ronald de Wit, NL, Bernardo Rapoport, ZA
Verna Vanderpuye, GH
11:15-12:15 Brunch and Satellite Symposium – Sponsored by Janssen Pharmaceutica
SUMMIT Registration 10:00-12:30
Welcome & Introduction
12:30-12:40 Welcome address Hannah Simonds, ZA, Georgia Demetriou, ZA Daniel Vorobiof, ZA/IL
12:40-12:50 Introduction by ESMO President Josep Tabernero, ES
12:50-13:00 ESMO & WHO Collaboration: What it means for Africa Josep Tabernero, ES
Session 1 Breast Cancer
Chairs: Nicholas Othieno-Abinya, KE and Georgia Demetriou, ZA
13:00-13:30 Current standards and practice changing studies in Breast Cancer in 2018 Fatima Cardoso, PT
13:30-13:40 Cases presentation: Advanced Breast Cancer Nicholas Othieno-Abinya, KE
13:40-13:50 Discussion
13:50-14:20 Current standards and practice changing studies in Advanced Breast Cancer  Fatima Cardoso, PT
14:20-14:30 Case presentation: Triple negative breast cancer: experiences with aggressive local recurrence Cleo Solomon, SA
14:30-14:40 Panel Discussion
14:40-15:10 Coffee Break
Session 2  Workshop report back
Chairs : Daniel Vorobiof ZA/IL Liz Gwyther, ZA and Verna Vanderpuye, GH
15:10-15:20 Report back on workshop 1: Implementation of ESMO guidelines in Early Breast Cancer – Challenges in Africa Daniel Vorobiof, ZA/IL
15:20-15:30 Discussion
15:30-15:40 Report back on workshop 2: Implementation of ESMO guidelines in Palliative Care-Challenges in Africa Liz Gwyther, ZA
15:40-15:50 Discussion
15:50-16:00 Report back on workshop 3: Implementation of ESMO guidelines in Advanced Prostate Cancer – Challenges in Africa Verna Vanderpuye, GH
16:00-16:10 Discussion
Session 3 Development in Radiotherapy
Chairs:  Alicia Sherriff, ZA and Anna Nyakabau, ZW
16:10-16:40 Challenges in delivering paediatric radiotherapy in Africa Thurandrie Naiker, ZA
16:40-17:10 Current Advances in Radiation Therapy Brigitta Baumert, DE
17:10-17:30 Panel  Discussion
17:30 Adjourn
17:40 Welcoming Cocktail
Saturday, 16th February 2019
Session 4 Haematology Malignancies
Chairs: Johnny Mahlangu, ZA and Fatima Bassa, ZA
08:00-08:30 Current standards of care of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Christian Buske, DE
08:30-08:45 Case presentation on Hodgkin’s lymphoma Santhuri Viranna, ZA
08:45-09:00 Discussion
09:00-09:30 Current standards of care and practice changing studies on non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Christian Buske, DE
09:30-09:45 Case presentation on non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Anna Nyakabau, ZW
09:45-10:00 Panel discussion
10:00-10:20 Coffee Break
Session 5 Development in Systemic Therapies
Chairs:  Devan Moodley, ZA and Bernardo Rapoport, ZA
10:20-10:45 Report on the Ovarian Consensus conference Cristiana Sessa, CH
10:45-11:15 State of the art in development of immuno-therapy Alex. A. Adjei, US
11:15-11:30 Discussion
11:30-12:00 Management of immune-related adverse events Bernardo Rapoport, ZA
12:00-12:10 Case presentation on IRAes Ronwyn van Eeden, ZA
12:10-12:20 Panel discussion
12:20-13:20 Lunch and Satellite Symposium – Sponsored by AstraZeneca
Session 6 Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma
Chairs: Raymond Abratt, ZA and Poovan Govender, ZA
13:20-13:50 Practice changing studies in Lung Cancer in 2018 Solange Peters, CH
13:50-14:00 Case presentation on Mesothelioma Presha Bipath, ZA
14:00-14:15 Discussion
14:15-14:45 Current Standard of Care of SCLC and NSCLC Rolf A. Stahel, CH
14:45-14:55 Case presentation on SCLC Sthenjiswa Mhlongo, ZA
14:55-15:10 Discussion
15:10-15:30 Coffee break
Session 7 Soft Tissue Sarcoma
Chairs: Henriette Burger, ZA and Catherine Nyongesa, MW
15:30-16:00 Current Standard of Care and Practice Changing Studies of Soft Tissue Sarcoma in 2018 Jean-Yves Blay, FR
16:00-16:10 Case presentation: Soft Tissue Sarcoma Susan Citonje Msadabwe, ZM 
16:10-16:25 Discussion
16:25-16:45 Surgery approach in Soft Tissue Sarcoma Eugene Panieri, ZA
16:45-17:00 Panel Discussion
17:00-17:30 End of Life care Stein Kaasa, NO
17:30-17:45 Discussion
17:45 Adjourn
Sunday, 17th February 2019
Session 8 Upper GI Cancers
Chairs: Paul Ruff, ZA and Susan Citonje Msadabwe, ZM
08:00-08:20 Practice changing studies in GI Cancers in 2018 Fortunato Ciardiello, IT
08:20-08:50 Current Standard of Care of Hepatobiliary (Pancreatic and Biliary) Cancer Eric Van Cutsem, BE
08:50-09:00 Case presentation on Hepatobiliary Cancer Abiodun Popoola, NG
09:00-09:15  Discussion
09:15-09:45 Current Standard of Care of Upper GI and Gastro-oesophageal Cancer Andrés Cervantes, ES
09:45-09:55 Case presentation on Localised Gastric or GE Solomon Kibudde, ZA
09:55-10:05 Discussion
10:05-10:25 Current Standard of Care of Early Colorectal Cancer Eric Van Cutsem, BE
10:25-10:35 Case presentation on Adjuvant disease Catherine Nyongesa, MW
10:35-10:45 Panel Discussion
10:45-11:05 Coffee break
Session 9 Urological Cancers
Chairs: Shingai Mutambirwa, ZA and Abiodun Popoola, NG
11:05-11:35 Standards of Care and development of new targets in Bladder and Kidney Cancers Ronald de Wit, NL
11:35-11:45 Case Presentation in Bladder or Kidney Cancers Benita Stoltz, ZA
11:45-12:00 Discussion
12:00-12:30 Practice changing studies in Bladder and Kidney Cancers in 2018 Ronald de Wit, NL
12:30-12:40 Panel Discussion
12:40-12:45 Closing